How can we help?

Issues with heat loss, masonry walls, and electrical/mechanical equipment can cause larger problems if they are not addressed. As these problems get worse, they can increase costs and negatively impact the lifespan of buildings and equipment.

Through state-of-the-art infrared surveys, we are able to effectively and efficiently detect and document issues before they become more serious, potentially saving you hundreds or thousands through predictive / preventative maintenance.

Energy Efficiency Surveys

Plan and budget repairs based on real data

Scan all of your school system’s roofs at once to quickly and efficiently determine which roofs need attention.

Masonry Wall Surveys

Pinpoint exact locations of problem-areas

Verify and mark problem-areas found during aerial surveys, or scan 1-2 buildings at a time for predictive maintenance.

Electrical/Mechanical Surveys

Find moisture intrusion problems from inside

Discover moisture intrusion issues in building ceilings, walls, and floors before they become more serious.

Why choose us?

  • Unmatched experience within the application of aerial infrared
  • Highest-quality infrared equipment available, capturing “invisible” problems
  • Refined imagery collection and processing systems
  • Professional & experienced staff of thermographers well-versed in infrared applications

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