How can on-roof surveys help?

On-roof moisture surveys for school systems can provide detailed, high-quality, and easy-to-understand reports documenting roof moisture. Roof professionals can then use this information to more easily verify wet areas and write specifications to repair the roof.

Infrared image showing on-roof moisture survey for school system

How does it work?

By using infrared thermography, we are able to find trapped moisture that could otherwise go undetected. We then properly mark problem areas so that repairs can be made surgically. Using on-roof moisture surveys for school maintenance can save you thousands by allowing you to correct roof problems without having to replace an entire roof.

Using information generated by our roof scan report, your roofing professional can recommend cost-effective removal and replacement of wet components. Our surveys will also allow them to draw documents to prepare an adequate roofing substrate to receive a recover installation which will extend the satisfactory roofing system’s service life.

Information on our RoofScanIR™ division and on-roof infrared can be found here: RoofScanIR

Interested in surveying multiple buildings? Check out our Aerial Roof Moisture Surveys.

Why choose us?

  • Unmatched experience within the application of aerial infrared
  • Highest-quality infrared equipment available, capturing “invisible” problems
  • Refined imagery collection and processing systems
  • Professional & experienced staff of thermographers well-versed in infrared applications

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