Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us
  • Unmatched experience within the application of aerial infrared.
  • We use the highest-quality infrared equipment available which captures problem areas invisible to the naked eye or by lower quality cameras.
  • Refined imagery collection and processing systems.
  • A staff of professional, experienced thermographers well-versed in the multiple applications of infrared thermography with the knowledge and experience in utilizing the imagery to save customers thousands of dollars in predictive/preventive maintenance costs.

Phase 1

Phase 2 & 3

Welcome To SchoolSystemScanIR

New Breakthrough Service


School System Infrared

Our SchoolSystemScanIRâ„¢ Service product enables you to plan and budget repairs based on real data. We scan large numbers of roofs in an area all at once, with high speed, high resolution, highly sensitive infrared imaging systems mounted in light aircraft. This is very high resolution, top quality infrared and optional visual imagery. In this phased approach, less money needs to be spent on roofs that do not have problems, or ones that have only a few or minor problems.

Here's how it works..

Phase 1

  • Your management team sends us a listing of all flat and low-sloped roofs that have been selected for surveying.
  • We send back a document with an on-line map image of each building to be included.
  • All school site locations are verified correct by your management team.
  • We fly each school site location with high resolution IR imagers.
  • We produce a report including all the roofs individually, showing which schools have problems by using arrows/shapes to show a sampling of suspect subsurface wet areas.

Note: We have minimum contract amounts, so for more information call 800-248-SCAN or visit our Contact Us page.

Phase 2 (optional)

  • Joint review with the management team of the Phase 1 information takes place by net meeting where all roofs are reviewed.
  • Roofs that have problems are singled-out and selected to be upgraded to a full survey. (This is absolutely optional.)

Phase 3 (optional)

  • We fly selected school site locations and create high-resolution photographs of the schools that have been chosen for a full survey.
  • The high resolution photographs and high resolution thermographs are used to create CAD drawings, showing exact outlines of suspect wet areas.
  • Full survey reports are generated on the selected roofs.